Warnica Spring Arts Event

Our annual talent show will occur periods 5 and 6 of  Thursday June 19th and again from 7:00 to 9:00pm that evening.   This spring there will be enough time  to present approximately  thirty performances. Drum Group, School Rock Band, Warnica choirs and three primary dance groups,  already have spots in the performance,  so.. the maximum number of additional acts  we can accomodate will be about twenty.   Auditions for the performances will be handled by Mr. Moore (Music)  and Mme. Breedon (Dance)   Primary students who wish to take part as a Dance performer will do so as members of the primary dance troupe, not as solo performances.

  • Best Options for Music- A performance without a recorded backing track, ie, singers with instruments or accompaniment, these auditionees will be considered first.   Class performances of songs would also be great.
  • Better  Options for Music-  solo or combined vocal or instrumental performances
  • Good  Options for Music-  a performance of a piece of music that can’t be accomplished without a pre-recorded background
  • Any questions , feel free to respond to this thread…