Welcome to Warnica Public School

We are located at:

211 Warnica Rd.

Barrie ON

L4N 3Z7

(705) 722-3000

Our Administration Team:

Principal; Rob Perry

Vice Principal; Heather Booth

5 thoughts on “About

  1. I am trying to locate an educator at Warnica Public School by the name of Michael Plesh. Please forward this email to Michael Plesh. Thank you for your time and assistance.

    Michael Plesh – Is this your correct email address? Reply if so, or provide another email contact.

    Thanks so much,
    Lori Fleming

  2. Dear Principle Condult,

    My name is Huang Tony, my residence is 33 Raymond Crescent, Barrie Ontario L4N 0X6.

    My son is 10 years old, birthday 2002 August, Huang James.

    We have been living overseas for many years. My son has been attending private english speaking international school since kindergarten.

    We are planning to return to Barrie. I am seeking your help on how to enroll my son into your school for school year commencing September 2013. What information do I have to prepare to include as part of enrollment, e.g. school transcript.

    Your help is very much appreciated.

    Best, Tony Huang

  3. Good Day,
    Just heard that the FSL posting has been on for a while, I didn’t know. Can you tell me if your found your FSL teacher because I am 6 minutes away from your school with 24 years of experience and from Quebec.
    thank you
    Joelle Plante

  4. Could you please post the letter regarding staff changes on the website. I heard a rumour that there was such a letter, but have never seen it and my son says his class did not receive it. It would be nice to know of the changes.

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